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Digital Signage

Imagine the brilliance of colours & creative content that can be emanated from your screens – ranging from a single Full HD, 4K screen, super-bright LED panels, or seamless panoramic portraits from the highest resolution & brightest projectors – that can help you to advertise your services, portray your company’s information to your customers, or simply communicate an illuminating story to your audience. All these can be yours with assistance from Vistron.

Vistron has the right solutions for you, and we can wrap all these screens up with a Digital Signage software – a digital content management software. This can easily allow you to manage your precious content and publish them to your own screens (within a single locale or country-wide) at any time, and also via the Vistron Cloud Network.

Digital signage solutions, also called dynamic signage, is a type of digital display solution in which images, videos and multimedia content can be displayed in commercial or public places to improve awareness, products visibility or real time information. There are a variety of types including Interactive displays, LED displays, restaurant menu boards and more.

Some examples of digital signage solutions are welcoming screens in reception areas, screens for dynamic guidance in buildings or advertising screens in shops. Screens showing timetable information at airports and train stations are also forms of digital signage displays.

Why you need Digital Signage?

. It eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printing. Content can be updated any time, and almost immediately

.It’s impressive. Digital signage attracts attention and it’s a great way to attract customers. Not only that, but people are more likely to pay attention if you are displaying promotions, information or news

.You are in control of what is displayed. You have the ability to show and change relevant information depending on when is best for you

.It is a great way to help out your marketing team as it allows you to effectively and efficiently communicate messages with your customers and your employees

. You can display anything you choose to. From news channels to twitter feeds, photographs to advertisements – the list is endless. You can put everything you need onto the same screen, at the same time.

. The “wow” factor, if you want to stand out from your competitors, digital signage attracts attention and it’s definitely a way to attract customers into your store


With our vast range of products, we can customise a solution that caters to any digital signage requirements and demand.

Digital Signage Player

With diverse hardware options, you can choose digital signage players that fit your demand. From andriod, linux or windows players to single outputs and multiple outputs player. All industrial grade and made to last.

Content Management Software (CMS)

Our Content & Central Management System is capable of managing up to thousands of digital signage players at once. With a clear and neat dashboard, all monitoring and fuctions can be done from an easy to use web based software.

Key features of our Digital Signage solution

Support Wide Range Of Media

Allows you to add wide range of media and content such as images, videos, streaming, scrolling text and more on a single screen.

Effortless Template Creation

Create interactive and personalized content with simple drag and drop tool of the CMS. Also, you can offer a great customer experience by overlaying video over image or vice-versa.

Automatic Scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows changes in content on daily, weekly and monthly basis automatically. Event based schedules are perfect for running new product, special event or festival campaigns.

Simple Plug-and-Play Installation 

A simple plug-and-play digital signage solution where all you need is a display device, digital signage player, and network connection.

Why choose us for your digital signage solutions?

Excellent customer support.

Reliable with 99% uptime.

All in one service, we have hardware, software and a team for content creation.

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